Saturday, March 17, 2012

Repurposing for a Purpose

Today I want to talk about repurposing items. I am not talking about items in your house that you no longer use, that you turn into something else, although I do love that. I'm talking about items that you buy or acquire with the intent of using it for another purpose from the get-go.

I do this a lot around my house. So much, in fact, that I actually had problems figuring out what to take pictures of in my house because I have used these things for unintended purposes so long I forgot that they weren't originally created for the way I'm using them. And then I re-read that last sentence and realized I confused myself. Hopefully you're still with me.

I've got some repurposing ideas that I think are pretty crafty - and useful - to show. Maybe they'll inspire you.

First up, window finials! You know, those cute little curtain rod caps that add flair to window coverings? 

Curtain rods with finials from Pottery Barn
In an effort to change things up (and to avoid excessive holes in our freshly painted walls), we opted out of traditional curtain rods in our formal dining room and my hubby's office. 

Instead, we found some finials on clearance at Lowe's for a couple of bucks each. They already have a screw on the back side, so we just screwed them right into the wall a few inches above the window. 

Note: if you are placing the finials into a stud, you may need to pre-drill before screwing it in. Also, unless you're sure you're hitting studs, you will either need to use sheetrock anchors or use a lightweight curtain, like the sash I used.

And now, moving on to decanters. You often see these things on wedding registries or in nice housewares stores, but honestly, I don't know anyone that uses them. Usually made of crystal or a less expensive look-alike, they are pretty but not super practical. 

Lenox crystal decanter

I found a monogrammed decanter on clearance for $7 at Tuesday Morning. I had been looking for an olive oil bottle, but the decanter is so much more fun! Plus, with the stopper, I don't have to worry about bugs or dirt getting down those oil pour spouts.

If you've got a decanter laying around your house, why not put it to use with olive oil, vinegar, or some other liquid you use with frequently, while displaying it on your counter?

On the other side of my kitchen, I've enlisted the help of Realspace DVD/CD storage bins from Office Depot to hold recipes and coupons. The embossed pattern of the bins matches the damask print of my floor rugs, and the teal and black colors look good with both the rug and the glass bottles I have behind my glass cabinets.

In our master bathroom, I took the idea from the DVD/CD storage bins, and picked up some fabric lined baskets from Target that are also meant to hold DVDs. The hubs and I each have one, and they serve to hold all of our toiletries so they counter stays clean. Whenever we're getting ready, we just grab our basket, and then put it back on the shelf above the tub when we're done. 

All of these items are cute, functional, and being purposely repurposed!

Be inspired! Go forth and repurpose something today!

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